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Self-Assessment Survey 2020


Solann takes its responsibility as a distributor of safe and responsible products seriously. Our clients have high expectations, and strict requirements for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ethical trade. Our own ethical guidelines oblige us to conduct our business with suppliers without violation of internationally recognized guidelines and standards. 

We can only live up to our ambitions with your help. This is why this questionnaire is so important for us. 

The self-assessment is a central part of our follow-up with suppliers. Identifying potential areas for improvement and development is an important goal for us. You can find more information about the survey in this guide.

We prefer to develop strong relationships with our existing suppliers. To be able to continue our relationship, it is important that you respond to the questions in an open and transparent manner. 

Solann is technically responsible for the collection, process and storage of the information collected. Solann guarantees that your data is handled with care and confidentiality. 

Part 1: Introduction and company information

Part 2: CSR strategy and ethical guidelines 

Part 3: Supply chain; follow-up, insight and control 

Part 4: Risk assessment and management 

Part 5: Corporate management systems 

Part 6: Labour and human rights 

Part 7: Environment, health and safety 

Part 8: Anti-corruption and bribery 

Part 9: Commitment to Solann's code of conduct  

For more information about the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable development goals: 

UN Global Compact

UN Sustainable development goals

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